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Employment and Volunteers

At RJS we fully understand the contribution that UK volunteers make to the overall economy.





Government statistics suggest volunteers may have contributed as much as £24 billion labour to the basic economy in 2012.




The estimate of production and output GVA for the Voluntary Sector was put at £12.2 Billion in 2016 up from £11.2 Billion in 2012.


We do know how to retain and manage volunteers to include dealing with matters of conduct, capability and grievance. We can then recommend a best practice approach to the extent which the relevant employment law applies. We do then find that this supports a charities reputation and overall cultural profile when it comes to the matter of developing people and funding relevant projects.

We understand both the ordinary and special aspects of employment law that applies to a third sector employer. This is largely from practical experience in making sure that roles are made operationally efficient in this sector. That includes drafting contracts that anticipate any special requirements to include performance management.



How can we help?

We can advise on:

  • Advertising Roles and Interview Selection
  • Job Descriptions and Contracts
  • Provisions for Volunteers
  • Not for Profit Policies, Procedures and Training
  • Managing the Employment Relationship
  • Scalability, Lay off and Redundancy
  • Grievance, Disciplinary and Dismissal
  • Compromise Agreements
  • Merger, Aquisition, and TUPE