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Gift Aid, Funding and Fundraising

At RJS we appreciate and understand the different ways in which a not for profit organisation can legitimately raise funds. We can also advise on what might be legally and structurally required in order to succeed in specific funding bids.

We do fully appreciate just how much hard work and preparation can go into a funding bid. We know that funders increasingly support charities and social enterprises that look to adopt a scalable and sustainable model. That typically requires not for profit to consider how they can generate core costs and secondly add in other scalable funded activity.


We do understand that financial strategy can be complicated, particularly when a project needs to contribute realistically to core costs. Part of our commercial expertise does include positioning an organisation for procurement and we do fully appreciate the challenges this involves.

There is soon likely to be even less public funding available. We would then strongly advise that the time to adopt a scalable and sustainable model is now.

We will be delighted to offer a free business and legal health check.


How can we help?

We can advise on:

  • Services in the not for Profit Sector
  • Setting up a Trading Arm
  • Public Donations and the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016
  • Gift Aid
  • Disaster and Special Funds
  • Investment for Procurement
  • Alternative Social Investment

Paul Angier is head of Third Sector at RJS.

He offers a free preliminary legal advice session on matters of funding. He is actively involved in matching third sector organisations to projects and funding initiatives

Paul can be reached on
T: 01782 646320
M: 07833 309306
E: paul@rjssolicitors.com