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Land and Property

At RJS we understand that property can be used in a number of innovative ways for a wide variety of social and community projects. We are very excited by what can be achieved in the third sector. We are very keen to help innovative social entrepreneurs to access property in a way that makes a difference.


How can we help?

We can advise on:

  • Commercial Property
  • Asset Transfer
  • Rent Reductions and Options to Purchase
  • Rates Exemptions
  • Development and Change of Use
  • Funding Property Purchase
  • Purchase and Disposal Tax Relief
  • Land Banks
  • Social Housing Stock
  • Housing Associations
  • Heritage Property
  • Historic Industrial Property
  • Arts and Culture Projects
  • Sports and Community Health Projects
  • City Farm Initiatives
  • Historic Rail and Canal Projects
  • Historic Lifestyle and Technology Projects
  • Natural Source and Energy Exchange Projects
  • Urban and community Re-generation
  • Brown Land Site Recovery