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Starting a Social Enterprise or Charity

If you are interested in the not for profit sector we can assist in obtaining the various advantages and reliefs that accompany charitable status. However we also understand that a charity may not always be the only answer for many social entrepreneurs.

Many social enterprises now need to consider alternative investment and different business structures. We are very familiar with the detailed practical difference between different business structures and their likely funding sources. That then includes any special public procurement requirements which might be required when sourcing public funds.

This then allows us to marry the best third sector solutions to obtain the best and most appropriate reliefs and tax advantages for your particular venture.

RJS can help you to consider the different options and alternatives and to decide exactly what the right solution is for you.


How can we help?

We can advise on:

  • Charity or Social Enterprise?
  • Funding Solutions for Change
  • Unity Ventures and Commercial¬†Partnerships
  • Mergers and Aquisition